Achieve More in Life and Feel Good About the Results

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People frequently overestimate their short-term capabilities while underestimating their long-term capabilities. This proclivity leads to frustration and disappointment, which is why many New Year’s resolutions fail before the end of the year. However, there are effective strategies supported by both values and science that can assist in setting and achieving better goals. 

You can create meaningful and achievable targets that motivate you to keep going by aligning your goals with your core values. Setting attainable short-term goals as part of a larger long-term plan can also help you build momentum and stay focused on your ultimate goal.

You will gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you work towards your goals. You can succeed and reach new heights in your personal and professional life if you are persistent and consistent.

By using these strategies, you can achieve your goals and feel better about yourself while doing so.

1. Know your values.


Knowing your values is a necessary step towards success and fulfillment in life. When you know what matters to you, you can make informed decisions that align with your priorities and goals, resulting in greater satisfaction and happiness.

Reflecting on your values and discovering what excites you and occupies your time when you are not working is critical. This allows you to clarify what motivates and drives you to success. You may discover previously unknown passions and interests, which can lead to new personal and professional development opportunities.

Trying new things is another way to investigate your values. Volunteering in your community, for example, can help you discover new interests and passions you may not have considered before. You can broaden your horizons and develop new skills and experiences by experimenting and trying new things.

These explorations are especially important as you get older and consider how you’ll stay happy and engaged in retirement. You can continue to live a purposeful and fulfilling life in retirement by staying connected to your values and exploring new interests.

In conclusion, knowing your values is essential for achieving success and feeling fulfilled in life. By reflecting on what’s important to you, exploring new experiences, and staying connected to your passions, you can achieve your goals, find happiness, and live a meaningful life.

2. Align your goals with your values.

Steps to align Goals

Aligning your goals with your values means ensuring that the things you aim to achieve are in line with your core beliefs, principles, and priorities. When you set goals that are in harmony with your values, you’re more likely to be motivated, focused, and fulfilled as you work towards achieving them.

Here are some steps you can take to align your goals with your values and achieve more in life:

1. Identify your core values: 

Start by identifying the values that are most important to you. These might include things like honesty, creativity, health, family, community, or personal growth.

2. Set meaningful goals: 

Once you’ve identified your values, set goals that align with them. For example, if health is a core value for you, a goal of running a marathon or eating a balanced diet would align with that value.

3. Prioritize your goals:

 Not all goals are created equal. Prioritize your goals by focusing on the ones that align most closely with your values, and that will have the most significant impact on your life.

4. Create an action plan: 

Break your goals into smaller, manageable steps, and create an action plan for achieving them. This will help you stay focused, motivated, and accountable.

5. Celebrate your progress: 

As you work towards your goals, take time to celebrate your progress along the way. Recognize the small wins and milestones you achieve, and use them as motivation to keep pushing forward.

By aligning your goals with your values, you’ll be more likely to achieve what you want while also feeling good about the results. You’ll have a sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes from knowing you’re living in accordance with your core beliefs and principles.

3. Develop an action plan.

Action Plan

Setting goals is an essential part of achieving success in life. However, setting a too general or unspecific goal can often lead to disappointment and failure. To avoid this, it’s crucial to ask yourself two critical questions: “Why?” and “How?”

Asking “Why?” helps you to move your goal-setting to a higher, value-driven space. This means that you consider your core beliefs, principles, and priorities and align your goals accordingly. For example, if you value health, setting a goal to lose weight might align with your values.

However, it’s essential to follow up with “How?” to drill down into specific actions that you can take to achieve your goals. Instead of merely setting a goal to lose weight, you need to identify the actions you will take to achieve this goal. For instance, you might decide to exercise more, but that’s still not specific enough. You need to ask yourself, “How am I going to exercise more?”

Answering this question requires you to break down your goal into smaller, actionable steps. For example, you might decide to ride your bike through your neighborhood every morning or jog for 30 minutes after work three days a week. These are specific, measurable, and achievable steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

To take things a step further, you can consider joining a gym, starting a neighborhood walking group, or hiring a coach to provide extra accountability and keep you on track. Ultimately, by asking “Why?” and “How?” when setting your goals, you can create a more focused and effective action plan that aligns with your values and helps you achieve your desired success.

4. Measuring is Motivating.

Measure Success

Keeping a score is one way to help you achieve your goals. You can measure your success and stay motivated to work towards your goal by tracking your progress. Even simple tracking methods, such as putting a checkmark on a piece of paper for each day you don’t eat ice cream, can help you feel motivated and accomplished.

Keeping track of your progress, no matter how small, can give you a sense of accomplishment. It also allows you to hold yourself accountable and stay on track to achieve your goals. Furthermore, keeping track of your progress can help you stay motivated and remind you of your commitment to achieving your goal.

To summarise, keeping a score is a powerful tool for staying focused and motivated in achieving your goals. It’s a simple yet effective way to track progress, hold yourself accountable, and celebrate your accomplishments. So, whether it’s a small or large goal, keep score today and see how it can help you succeed.

5. Be resilient.

Be resilient

Even the most well-defined and highly motivated goal will be difficult to achieve. You’ll snooze through your workout one lazy Saturday. You’ll break your diet. An unexpected home repair could derail your monthly budgeting goals. But that’s fine! We’re all just people. That day, roll with it, but then get back to your plan.

All goals and personal advancements necessitate effort. The grit required to overcome those inevitable stumbling blocks is a skill that can be developed. Experiment with going above and beyond your smaller goals. Accept and welcome feedback and criticism that can help you perform better. Prepare to do better the next time your alarm goes off.

Most importantly, maintain a positive attitude. Working towards your goals should not feel like punishment if they are truly aligned with your values. When setbacks occur, try to view them as learning opportunities, and adjust your action plan accordingly. And here’s some sound advice: when you reach small milestones on your way to big goals, reward yourself. We could all use some positive reinforcement.

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